My son, if thou dost accept my sayings, And my commands dost lay up with thee,

To cause thine ear to attend to wisdom, Thou inclinest thy heart to understanding,

For, if for intelligence thou callest, For understanding givest forth thy voice,

If thou dost seek her as silver, And as hid treasures searchest for her,

Then understandest thou fear of Jehovah, And knowledge of God thou findest.

For Jehovah giveth wisdom, From His mouth knowledge and understanding.

Even to lay up for the upright substance, A shield for those walking uprightly.

To keep the paths of judgment, And the way of His saints He preserveth.

Then understandest thou righteousness, And judgment, and uprightness – every good path.

10 For wisdom cometh into thy heart, And knowledge to thy soul is pleasant,

11 Thoughtfulness doth watch over thee, Understanding doth keep thee,

12 To deliver thee from an evil way, From any speaking froward things,

13 Who are forsaking paths of uprightness, To walk in ways of darkness,

14 Who are rejoicing to do evil, They delight in frowardness of the wicked,

15 Whose paths [are] crooked, Yea, they are perverted in their ways.

16 To deliver thee from the strange woman, From the stranger who hath made smooth her sayings,

17 Who is forsaking the guide of her youth, And the covenant of her God hath forgotten.

18 For her house hath inclined unto death, And unto Rephaim her paths.

19 None going in unto her turn back, Nor do they reach the paths of life.

20 That thou dost go in the way of the good, And the paths of the righteous dost keep.

21 For the upright do inhabit the earth, And the perfect are left in it,

22 And the wicked from the earth are cut off, And treacherous dealers plucked out of it!